Timeline of Trump’s Moscow Trip

Before the trip

(I have another timeline that looks at events in the year leading up to Miss Universe.)

2:29 am MSK
2:39 am Nov. 8th Moscow time
2:40 am November 8th, Moscow time.
4:28 am MSK.

The Trip

The Flight Out

11/8 -5:15am-1:58pm— Trump flew out on good friend Phil Ruffin’s private jet from Asheville Regional Airport, leaving at 9:15 pm EST, or 5:15 am MSK. [BlmFlt] Trump first went to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow as soon as he arrived [MoJo]. The exact arrival time is not in the Bloomberg article, but instead comes from this tweet:

From the Nobu Moscow Facebook page, posted on November 8th at 8:35pm MSK
From Emin Agalarov’s VKontakte page, posted ???
Tweeted at 12:23 pm MSK, shooting must have been earlier as various tweets seem to show Trump was in interviews around this time.
Video was published November 20th, 2013.
Tweeted at 11:51am MSK, the earliest of the versions she posted.
8:40 am MSK
12:13 pm MSK, probably close to the actual press conference time.
Tweet posted at 7:05 PM MSK.
Tweeted at 12:44pm MSK, probably close to real time.
Not sure who this interviewer is.
Yulya Alferova, Phil Ruffin, Trump. From Alferova’s VKontakte wall, posted ???.
Emin and Trump chatting, unknown woman and Phil Ruffin in the background. Assumed to be similar time frame as previous photo. Posted at ???
Tweeted at 2:57 pm, MSK
5:21 PM MSK
From Alferova’s VKontakte wall photos.
Posted at 7:31pm MSK.
8:10 PM MSK. Aras Agalarov to the right, Phil Ruffin in the background.
Emin, Trump, Aras. Tweeted at 8:23pm MSK.
From Alferova’s VKontakte page, posted at ???
From Alferova’s VKontakte page, posted at ???
Tweeted at 12:39 am MSK Nov. 10, after Miss Universe has been crowned. Translation: “New Miss Universe Miss Venezuala, Emin Agalarov @eminofficial and Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump”. TIming of the posting is probably close to correct.
From The Moscow Times, Sept. 7 2016, Controversial Russian Crooner Filip Kirkorov Endorses Donald Trump
Trump filmed at the After Party by Edita Shaumyan

Post-trip connections

There’s a part two coming. In the mean-time, check out my article on the Russian’s use of troll accounts immediately following the beauty pageant (and before anyone really thought Trump would run, let alone have a chance of winning).

Updates Log

  • 2018/04/25 — clarified Nobu location as downtown Moscow; added photo and links of set piece for broadcast with Andrei Malakov.
  • 2018/04/28 — removed embedded tweets from the “Red Herrings” section below; changed the order of the “downtime” to after the interviews; added an earlier photo of Trump on red carpet; added a new photo that might be early morning on the ninth.
  • 2018/05/01 — updates on flight times based on a tweet.
  • 2018/05/02 — added info from New Yorker article; nailed down location of Emin video; re-ordered some stuff.

Red Herrings

These are sources which have been proven incorrect or unreliable. [Previously I included embedded tweets, but decided I didn’t want to confuse the issue with the other information here that’s correct, nor take up additional space here.



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