Tsargrad TV: The Fox News of Russia

Konstantin Malofeev, from Комзомольская Правда, Dec. 23, 2013
Jack Hanick with Emmy in hand, from an interview with foma.ru, В России чувствуешь себя свободнее (In Russia You Feel Freer), August 14, 2013
Jack Hanick with his son during their acceptance ceremony into Orthodoxy, Tsargrad TV, April 30, 2016.
Alexander Dugin, from Daily Star November 2015, Putin’s ‘Hitler Youth’
Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias (far left) and A. Dugin (center). From The Interpreter, January 28, 2015
Malofeev, Dugin, and Girkin together. From twitter, September 2014. (Note that there are many photographs of this meeting from all angles, enough to clearly identify all.)
  • Is there any correlation between Tsargrad TV stories and the stories that were pumped out by trolls and bots?
  • Where did the money to pay for Tsargrad TV come from?
  • Where did the money for Rykov’s campaign come from?
  • Where is Jack Hanick now (no sign of him since November 2017, if not longer)?
  • Humpty Dumpty was apparently being run by the same FSB agents that were running a hacker who confessed to one of the DNC break-ins, which would likely mean part of Cozy Bear. Although the credibility of that hacker confession is in doubt, and the FSB agents were arrested by Russian (for treason, for leaking information to US.)
  • There’s a clear (but not necessarily meaningful) link between Rykov’s circle of friends and Humpty Dumpty to be investigated.
  • There’s also a rumor connecting Oleg Deripaska to Humpty Dumpty as a way of getting some sort of revenge on Surkov. At this point I don’t put much stock in that but I’m listing it here for completeness.



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